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Not Just A Basic Core Program for My Rodeo Pros

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Over the past few years, I have had professional and aspiring rodeo riders come to me for help getting back to competitive riding after an injury or surgery. These guys are tough...they are motivated...and they are different than other athletes in what they need to be able to handle.

Regardless of what injury I am seeing them for, the program designed for them has to be deliberate and specific for what these riders are going to be doing. When they perform, they ask a lot of their bodies. They allow their joints to travel into extreme ranges of motion; and they have to generate crazy amounts of force and power to be able to control their ride.

We address the problem at hand, or the reason they are coming to us in the first place (injury, stiffness, weakness, etc). Usually pain is secondary to I said, these guys are tough. They don't really care about "pain"...but they care about performance and reaching their maximum potential. And the latter is reflected in the care they receive, the respect they show, and their passion to work hard and follow the advice and plan designed for them.

Rodeo Training | Core Stabilization | Physical Therapy | Nick Laduke

Because rodeo is incredibly dynamic and explosive in all directions, the exercise program designed for these athletes incorporates 3 dimensional hip and trunk stabilization with lower extremity strengthening as well as shoulder stabilization training. They need more than simple sit-ups and planks to prepare their bodies to dominate in rodeo. They work on flexibility through the hips in all directions as well as mobility through the lumbar and thoracic spine.

They perform a "prep" routine before competing, to activate the gluteals and prepare the body's tissues for optimal performance and injury prevention. Then, they DOMINATE!

Our process is proven. We have had the pleasure of working with amazing athletes, providing them with tools and knowledge to enhance performance, and then watching their careers take off like a rocket. Despite the rigid travel schedule that these pro riders are on, investing in a physical therapy-based rodeo training program has proven to pay-off as a vital part of their success.

Watch the video clip below to see how one rodeo star improved his strength and body control.

If you would like our help in getting stronger and performing better in your sport, contact us. Or to learn more about us, click here to visit our website.

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