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Did you know that California law allows patients to go directly to their physical therapist for evalulation and treatment without a referral from a physician?  After 12 treatments or 45 days, whichever comes first, the patient must be seen by a physician and receive a signed plan of care before continuing physical therapy.  If, at any time, your condition is not improving as expected or becomes outside of the scope of physical therapy practice, you will be referred to your physician.

At Elite Concepts Physical Therapy and Performance, we can schedule an evaluation and begin treatment almost immediately so you can start getting better sooner.  By initiating physical therapy more quickly, we often avoid the secondary issues, such as scar tissue and compensatory mechanics, that arise after waiting several weeks to get an appointment with your general practitioner.  Our doctors of physical therapy will not only assess "what" the problem is, but, more importantly, "why" the problem has developed.  We address the various factors that are contributing to the condition, to ultimately prevent the problem from returning.  Too often, an injury will heal without properly addressing the reason it started, which leads to recurring injuries.  For example, many people repeatedly strain their hamstring muscle, at which time they rest and stretch for a couple of days or weeks, then resume normal activity.  If properly assessed, it might be determined that they have developed scar tissue, or muscle imbalance, or stiffness through the lumbar spine.  Or perhaps they have not learned how to properly warm-up and dynamically stretch the hamstrings before an activity.  Another example is someone who repeatedly sprains their ankle and just assumes that they have "weak ankles".  Our evaluation might reveal a lack of proprioception, excessive pronation, tightness in the calf muscle, or weakness through the hips and core.  We will address issues that are generally missed or ignored in fast-paced clinics, bringing you a global and more effective rehabilitation.  

Direct Access to Physical Therapy in North County San Diego

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