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Carlsbad Half Marathon Runner

Robyn started working with Elite Concepts because she could not run 1 mile without knee pain. After 8 weeks of re-learning how to run and strengthening hips and core, she accomplished her goal of completing a Half Marathon!

Carlsbad Half Marathon Finisher

Big smile after 13.1 Miles at the Carlsbad Half Marathon! Life Goal...Bucket List...CHECK! I am honored that I could be a part of it.

Patient swimming SD Coast

This awesome athlete swam the entire coast of San Diego. Here he is at the US-Mexico Border! He inspires me every time we work together. Thanks, Mike!

Leslie Desrosiers | PT | Taping

This treatment included Kinesiotaping to decrease pain and improve shoulder mobility for an ocean swim.

Leslie Desrosiers | PT | Core Stab

We worked on core stabilization and a neuromuscular training warm-up before this Professional Saddle-Bronc Rider, Nick LaDuke, set his eyes on a big Rodeo WIN!

Nick LaDuke | Pro Rodeo

Professional Saddle-Bronc Rider, Nick LaDuke, with another impressive performance!

Leslie and Patrick Desrosiers | PT

Wine and Wellness 2016! We host educational workshops on various topics for people to learn valuable tips, ask questions, and enjoy a glass of wine.

Leslie Desrosiers | PT | NFL

"My hip has felt so much better since you worked on it!" - Tony Savage, former NFL player for San Diego Chargers

Leslie Desrosiers | PT | NFL

Performing passive range of motion to improve hip mobility, with NFL player Tony Savage.

Leslie Desrosiers | Low Back Pain

We offer FREE consultations at our Wine and Wellness Workshops

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