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Don't like to "Warm-Up" before exercise?

What is holding you back from a proper warm-up routine before playing a sport or working out? You don't know what to do? You don't think you have enough time for it? Do you wonder if the routine you go through is effective in preventing an injury? I am offering a FREE warm-up program, customized for your sport and personal activity-level!

Warming-up before engaging in a sport or physical activity has many benefits. Elevating your body temperature and dynamic stretching facilitate improved circulation to your body's tissues, allows faster and more efficient muscle contraction and relaxation, improves oxygenation and nerve transmission, decreases muscle stiffness, and increases range of motion, among other benefits. As a result, you will gain speed, agility, coordination, and have a better performance overall, with decreased risk of injury. Sounds like a win-win situation, right? Take 10-15 minutes to increase your heart rate and body temperature, perform general dynamic stretching exercises, then progress into gentle sport-specific activities to prepare your body for what you are about to ask it to do. Not only will your body be more physically prepared, but you will be more mentally prepared to perform at your highest potential.

If you would like to see what a good warm-up routine looks like, we just released a warm-up program for competitive water polo players. This 15 minute program is an excellent warm-up for any overhead athlete wanting to perform at an optimal level and prevent injuries. I will email a copy directly to you! Simply click here and submit your email address, put "warm-up" in the subject box and it's yours for free!

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