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February 21, 2017

November 28, 2016

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August 4, 2018

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Don’t Trust Everything On The Internet When It Comes To Finding Exercises to Solve Your Back Pain


Have you ever felt confused or conflicted by all of the advice that you’ve heard regarding your back pain?  Have you ever googled something like “exercises for back pain”?  The plethora of tips and exercises that you find on the internet can be completely overwhelming!


Some say to stretch and do yoga…others say to work-out and lift weights…

Some sources say to rest…while others say, “No Pain, No Gain!”…

And if you’re lucky, you might even find that secret exercise that promises to be the magical solution to cure all back pain…


Or perhaps you wonder, is it just “old age”?... “Maybe there is nothing I can do about it?”


You might even justify it by thinking, “I just need to lose weight and the pain will go away” … Or, “It’s genetics – my mom had terrible back pain all her life”… Or worse yet, maybe you think there is nothing you can do about it.


If you have ever googled “best exercises for back pain”; or if you’ve taken advice from YouTube and tried strange exercises that are supposed to fix back pain, you have, at least, made an effort to do something to improve your situation.


The problem with taking snippets of advice from the media, internet, or friends is that back pain is often over-simplified or the exercises are over-complicated.  Here’s what I mean…


It is highly unlikely that the two or three exercises that you read online will be the answer to your chronic back pain.  There is a lot more that you need to know before a couple of exercises will solve the problem. 


And on the other hand, the attention-grabbing exercises that are often found high on your search results are probably too complicated and advanced for your ability.  Without fully understanding the foundations, there is a slim chance that you will perform those advanced exercises properly, so you’ll potentially worsen your condition.  Here’s a quick tip to keep in mind…If the basic exercises feel “easy”, then you probably aren’t doing them right.


While good tips and strategies can be found through an online search, they are often buried under mounds of contradictory, confusing, and unsupported information, making it difficult to unravel the good from the bad.  The people who need help the most probably don’t know how to differentiate which tips will be effective for them when seeking relief from their pain.  Furthermore, it is unlikely that you will stumble upon the most appropriate exercises for you when starting with a general search.  They might be great tips for someone at some point in their journey, but likely not you at the state that you are in today.


The reality is that treatment for persistent back pain cannot be generalized to everyone in just a couple of exercises. 


Here is another example… I get asked this casual question by my family and friends all the time, as if I could respond with a quick one-sentence solution…  “My back hurts, what should I do?” 


While I am more than willing to help my family and friends with their aches and pains (and I genuinely encourage them to come to me for advice), I am going to need a bit more information to be able to offer a good, appropriate, and effec