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Sports Injury Screening | San Marcos | San Diego

Annual Sports Readiness Screening

We help identify injuries before they happen

Set yourself or your child up for success…NOT injury!  Before diving into another season of your sport, make sure your body is “READY” for action.  Identify problem areas early...and learn easy tricks to eliminate them before it's too late!

Starting off the season with weakness or stiffness can lead to overuse injuries... and minor injuries can become major injuries if not addressed appropriately... Don't assume you are invincible! 


At Elite Concepts Physical Therapy, we offer an Annual Sports Readiness Screening for athletes participating in competitive sports or beginning exercise programs.  We perform a series of simple tests and measures to identify factors that may predispose someone to an injury.  The most unique and VALUABLE element of this program is that the athlete will have an opportunity for face-to-face time with an expert, a Doctor of Physical Therapy, to discuss prior injuries or ask questions.  The Sports Readiness Screening takes about 20 minutes to complete and will include tests for:

  • ROM (Range of Motion) – Upper and Lower extremities, Spine

  • Strength – Upper and Lower extremities

  • Flexibility

  • Scoliosis screen

  • Neural tension

  • Sport-specific Special Tests

  • Neuromuscular Control with jumping, landing, and changing directions (with video analysis)

  • Functional Movement Screen (FMS) may be requested (FMS is regularly used with professional athletes before and after a training program)


After completing the screening, any deficits or red/yellow flag conditions will be discussed with the athlete and/or parent.  We will make appropriate recommendations to address such impairments BEFORE an injury occurs.  The athlete will receive a written recommendation with instructions that will promote a more successful and healthy season.

The Annual Sports Readiness Screening is being offered to local athletes in San Marcos and North County San Diego for only $45!  


Tell Me More:

Just because someone has several years of experience in a sport does not mean their joints and muscles are functioning optimally.  In fact, the opposite may be true, where one’s body becomes incredibly effective at compensating for deficits.  Good “athletes” are able to create successful outcomes in the face of limitations or challenges.  As a result, “athletes” are often unaware of their own compensations because these altered mechanics may not yet interfere with success in their sport.   Compensations accumulate over time and may present as muscle imbalance, weakness, soft tissue restrictions, joint range of motion limitations, loss of flexibility, impaired coordination, minor aches and pains, etc.  These are all factors which predispose someone to injury.

Luckily, we have tests to screen for deficits in range of motion, strength, flexibility, and neuromuscular control.  These tests can be performed quickly and provide valuable information, particularly when a deficit is identified.  By revealing one or more of these deficits, we can provide a recommendation for addressing and normalizing the impairment.  Most of the time, the recommendation is a self-treatment which can be incorporated into the warm-up program or regular practice, with minimal time commitment... 

For example, if we identify significant hamstring or hip flexor tightness, which we know can lead to "pulling a muscle" or a lower back injury, we will educate and train the athlete in a proper stretching technique, including when and for how long the stretch should be performed.

Another example is if we recognize weakness in the hip muscles, or if the athlete demonstrates difficulty controlling their leg when hopping on one foot.  We know that this weakness can contribute to a knee or ankle injury, or potentially a dreaded ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) injury.  In this case, we would educate the athlete on proper jumping/landing mechanics and issue an exercise to improve balance and neuromuscular control.


Why Sign Up?

We offered this Pre-Injury Sports Readiness Screening for the past 7 years in Northern California and received excellent feedback from athletes, parents, coaches, athletic trainers, and physicians.  We had athletes return back to see us each year before embarking on a new sports season.  Athletes and parents embraced the opportunity to proactively meet with an Orthopedic Specialist, Doctor of Physical Therapy.  Our clients appreciate that we take the time to answer questions and provide personalized advice so that the child is better prepared for the next level in their athletic career.  

Growing up as a competitive athlete, I did not have access to this type of orthopedic screening and injury prevention.  I suffered ankle sprains, hip strains, and eventually knee pain during my career.  What I learned through my education and 10 years of experience treating sports injuries is that there are easy strategies to reduce the potential of experiencing a non-contact sports injury.  Firstly, proper training is key…and if your body is ready with full mobility, strength, flexibility, and coordination, then an intense progression of conditioning and training should not result in an overuse injury.


One of the strongest predictors of injury is a past injury…so be certain that past injuries have properly healed with no pain, full range of motion, and full strength.  If an Annual Sports Readiness Screening was offered when I was a young athlete, I am confident that my parents would have utilized the program and that I would have benefitted from it.  Now, with another perspective - as a mom of young athletes-to-be…I would definitely sign my kids up for the screening because I see the VALUE in gaining additional information that may help them maintain good health and achieve confidence and success in their sporting endeavors.

After having such a positive response to the program up north, we decided to offer the Annual Sports Readiness Screening here in San Marcos, so we can provide the same opportunity for young athletes and parents to get “READY” for another season and avoid injury.  

Don't just rely on "Good Luck" this season...


Sign Up today for an appointment with a Doctor of Physical Therapy!

More Details:

The cost of the Annual Sports Readiness Screening is $45. 


The appointment lasts approximately 20 minutes and typically takes place in our home clinic in San Marcos, CA.  

If time and convenience are of value to you, we will meet you at your home (or other offsite location, such as football or soccer field, etc).  We do charge a small travel fee, but we will gladly bring all of the necessary equipment and can accommodate any setting.

For a group of 5 or more, we will travel to an offsite location and perform individual screening sessions without charging the travel fee.  We have done this in the past for teams and it has worked out quite well.  If you have a group or team that might be interested, let us know and we will schedule a convenient time around practice or as desired.

Sports Injury Screening | San Marcos | San Diego
Sports Injury Screening | San Marcos | San Diego
Sports Injury Screening | San Marcos | San Diego
Sports Injury Screening | San Marcos | San Diego
Sports Injury Screening | San Marcos | San Diego
Sports Injury Screening | San Marcos | San Diego
Sports Injury Screening | San Marcos | San Diego
Sports Injury Screening | San Marcos | San Diego
Sports Injury Screening | San Marcos | San Diego
Sports Injury Screening | San Marcos | San Diego
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