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Literature Review On Iot Security

Systematic Literature Review of Internet of Things (IoT) Security 1673 III. IOT SECURITY A. Background The IoT is a system of interconnection between computing devices, machines, objects, animals and even people, equipped with unique identifiers with the ability to transfer data over a network.

  • This paper reviews IoT cybersecurity technologies and cyber risk management frameworks. Then, this paper presents a four-layer IoT cyber risk management framework. This paper also applies a linear...

  • Abstract and Figures In day-today life, IoT plays a major role. The functionality of IoT is deployed in hospitals, banking sector and also in homes. The work of IoT starts from preventing fires at...

  • 355 | International Journal of Computer Systems, ISSN-(2394-1065), Vol. 02, Issue 08, August, 2015 Vedang Ratan Vatsa et al A Literature Review on Internet of Things (IoT) To date, HCI has captivated with advancements that We then extended our hunt to.

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